Warehouse Facilities


Whether you are seeking a warehousing service for your start-up company, warehousing and storage to handle overflow of inventory, or simply want to convert your fixed warehousing facilities costs into variable costs, ITL is your ideal solution.

Our warehousing facilities are designed to be flexible, and can handle storage needs which range from a single pallet of small electronics to thousands of square feet of storage space for heavy industrial equipment. We provide secure, clean, and well-managed warehouse facilities. Space is reserved as you need it. Changing needs can be accommodated, including providing additional space for seasonal or promotional needs or reducing space during slow periods. You pay only for what you use as you use it.

We make it easy for the customer and for us to find your equipment quickly when the need arises to pull it out of storage. Using ITL Integrated Logistics for your short-term or seasonal warehousing, we give you the flexibility to adapt the amount of products being stored and help you gain control over your costs and the changing market conditions.