Air Freight


ITL is well known for offering reliable and efficient air-freight forwarding service through years of experience. With an excellent 24/7 network of operators, we promise a timely and cost effective delivery to the desired destination.


We offer clients cost-effective, hassle-free air transport solutions for their supply chain with our global network of airfreight specialists. ITL professionals use their unmatched expertise to map the fastest, bespoke routes for your shipments, securing a safe and unhindered course for any given cargo. Our comprehensive freight management service options allow for the shipping and handling of loads both small and large.

ITL has built strong relationships and secured space commitments with all major carriers to ensure that our customers receive cargo consistently when required. We have regular consolidations between major cities in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.

With a wide range of time-defined and specialist air cargo services, supported by the preferred carriers, you get the flexibility between standardized connections and fixed schedules. The logistics experts from the company evaluate your freight size and budget, to assist you in the most appropriate cost-effective movement of the cargo. With our excellent network and tie ups with major Shipping Lines and Air Lines we manage to get the most competitive freight rates for our customers. Our air cargo shipping services are known for their duly managed delivery as we are always target oriented and make sure that shipments reach on time to their destinations.


ITL prides itself on anticipating and providing its customers distinct logistics requirements. With our preset space allocations, smooth door-to-door service, and advanced real-time tracking facility, clients can ship effectively while opting for additional customized service options built around their service needs.


Maintain high-priority transportation with immediate recovery of freight and rapid customs clearance on arrival. Typical transit time: 1–2 days.


Avail an economical and timely shipping option serving most destinations at least twice a week, and major centers daily. Typical transit time: 3–4 days.


Get your less urgent shipments to move at minimal costs, capitalizing on flexible scheduling and saving valuable expenditure. Typical transit time: 5–7 days.

ITL offers following air freight logistics services:

  • Airport to Airport
  • Airport-to-Door
  • Door-to-Airport