Transportation of hanging garments


ITL organizes the entire flow of goods for you worldwide and realizes your complete textile logistics from production to sale.

Intelligent control and simulation tools, high quality standards, and certified processes are provided for transparent and efficient services. Our dedicated specialists pick, pack, sort and hang garments with extreme care to ensure maximum protection. At the same time, to eliminate refurbishing at destination, we strictly adhere to quality control procedures. Garments are received into our consolidation centers, which are humidity controlled and dust proofed. They are then stored on racks ready for delivery or export. Garments are sorted by style, color and size and a general inspection takes place to ensure that there is no damage.

Increasingly, functions are being conducted further up the supply chain for efficiency and cost reasons. We are experts in providing and/or handling tailor-made equipment to suit the needs of shipment assigned. Aside of maximizing space utilization, much attention is paid to ensure the garment retains shape during and after shipping by air or sea.